So its the day after Thanksgiving. (Technically it's actually Thanksgiving, but let's be real. Ain't no one working out today. No matter how much you said you would go on the evening after-meal walk with your family, or hit the gym, you are probably not. You are most likely in a tryptophan coma, watching sports, playing tabletop games (yas!) or Cards Against Humanity (YASSSS!). So, how about we try for tomorrow eh? Come back then...

Welcome to Tomorrow! It is now Friday. The day after Thanksgiving. Hopefully you do not have to work, and are not braving the Black Friday crowds (Amazon anyone?) NOW is the time to put all that food to work, to use, burn it off, and make some muscle. You are FULL of lots of macros (carbs, protein, fat..... carbs, carbs, alcohol, fat, carbs, fat, alcohol), and your body has tons of energy! SO, put the video game down (calm it down, just for like an hour OK? We can go back to it after, becuase Tamriel Unlimited is on sale on steam right now).

All you need for this workout is yourself, your free will (I am not forcing you), some water (let's be safe!), maybe a mat or a towel of some kind, and some resistance bands. This workout you can do in the comfort of your own home, or yard, or a park. Gyms are great, but sometimes...just no. This workout is pretty self-explanatory, so do your absolute best, but we will be uploading videos and pics to accompany these posts very shortly.

Read on for Workout 


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