No matter who you voted for, or the results of the election, we can ALL use a little stress relief. Sometimes you need to be calm, relaxed, and soothed, but sometimes you just need to kick some ass and sweat it out! Get moving, and get out that aggression in a healthy way, benefiting your heart and muscles, as well as your mind and soul. So first and foremost, lets get sweaty. We will take it step by step after that! Here is a workout you can do in your own home, with no equipment, no one watching, and just be you.  Sweat out the aggression.


This will get your heart pumping, muscles working, and hopefully get your aggression sweat out! A full round with no rest takes about 5 minutes!

If you are a beginner exerciser, that’s okay! Try this with less hopping and dynamic movements, such as just do squats, stationary lunges, side step squats, modified (knee) push-ups, and high plank (push-up position) with alternating knee tuck. Just get moving!

If you are an advanced exerciser, try 45 seconds or even 1 full minute of each exercise.

You can also choose to do this in between video game raids, dungeons, chapters of books, and pages written if you are doing homework. Get out of your desk and do it on the floor of you office. Just get moving. We all need stress relief! Stay positive!

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