Online Fitness Programs

I offer completely personalized online fitness programs. I tailor make each program to fit your individual needs and goals, with whatever means you have available. I realize some people do not have access to gyms, or even a lot of equipment. Some people do not like to work out in public, and some love to get outdoors. What are your goals? Do you want to be stronger? Faster? Leaner? Do you want to run a Spartan race, or simply be able to keep up with you kids or grandkids? I develop fitness programs for YOU! I also offer nutrition guidance and education, to fit your lifestyle. I do not offer meal plans however, becuase I want you to learn self-efficacy and control. Communication is key and we will chat often!

Group Fitness and NerdCore Bootcamps

Do you have a group of people that want group training or a specialized bootcamp? I can come to you if you are in the San Diego area! Whether you are new moms who want a stroller circuit, a group of office friends who want some sun, or a special MMORPG guild who want to learn to move like your avatars, I can help! I am available most weekends and Afternoon/Evenings. 

Coming Soon! E-Books and Subscription Service!

Subscription - Want awesome fitness programs but you just aren't ready to commit to straight up personal training? Soon I will offer a subscription service for a small monthly fee (we're talking like $10) where you can access hundreds of pre-designed workouts, fit tips, and pictures. Read at your leisure, get motivated, do the workouts or change them up and make them your own!

E-Books - Soon I will have various fitness E-books that will focus on specific goals and workouts, that will be both fun, exciting, and involve tons of themed workouts to get you as strong or fast as your favorite superheros. 

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