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Hello Nerdverse,

Here is the obligatory "Happy New Year" post. I want to be a positive poster, and a good influence, but I am not a touchy-feeley person and I really don't fall into the whole new year hype to much. However, I want to provide the best services and information that I can, so I will open up, discuss some things, and hopefully we can all come together and make awesomeness happen.

About me. I am a lazy by nature, but I have a lot of passion build up inside. Passion for health/fitness, passion for the gamer community, passion for books, passion for helping people, passion for having fun, but that little nagging bitch called procrastination and that asshole called laziness tend to take over. Ever heard of them? Chances are you have. I got a wake-up call yesterday from a good friend of mine. Basically he said "Those who DO, do, and those who do
n't, DONT." Simple right? Point is, I am not a doer. I am dreamer. I have awesome ideas and they stay in my head. Next thing you know, 5-10 years has passed, and while I certainly have not wasted my life, I have not acted on any of these ideas. Sound familiar?

It is easier to NOT DO. Its EASY. We like easy, But easy is complacent. I am lucky that I have a good family, lovely child, and full-time job in the fitness/health community. So I DO have things to show. I have my Master's degree, I have competed in fitness competitions, I have modeled. Go me. But behind all of that, there are still dreams of going above and beyond that. That was easy. That was comfortable. It is time to get uncomfortable.

So what does that mean?

Before I get old (I am not getting any younger and neither are you), my promise to you is to become a DOER. (do-er? Dooer-er? Eff it, you get the point). So for this "happy new year" if you are struggling with something you hahappy new year fitnessve wanted to do for a long time, whether it is business, art, fitness, family related. Who cares!? Do it. Become a do-er. Make goals. And don't anyone tell you how to be motivated. Do what works for you (legally, mind you). Set external goals, internal goals, make it a competition, set timelines, race a friend, find someone with something similar and do it together. But stop putting it off.

I will dive into this site, and offer amazing things. I will DO amazing things with NerdCore Performance and I hope you follow along. We can all be better, nerdy, amazing, DOER versions of ourselves! So now, your first task is to tell me in the comments, what do you want for this year? How will you become a DOER? And what do you want from NerdCore Performance? What articles do you want to see? Cosplay, gaming, books, fitness? What are you physical goals and how can I help you get there. Lets get off our lazy asses together and do something! (I say this as I literally spend 5 hours playing Stardew Valley this morning. See? We all have things to overcome!)


Happy New Year

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