Are you a fit nerd? Do you aspire to become a fit nerd? Or is there someone in your life you want to be a fit nerd, and get Geeking Strong with? Look no further! Our Fit Nerd Gifts guide has a few items that might help friends looking to become a healthier version of themselves.

From cooking gear, to apps, to apparel, here are some things we here at NerdCore Performance adore. They help motivate us to make a few better choices (even though, it sometimes sucks). Buy some for yourself, a friend/companion/familiar/partner in crime, and make them suffer with you! (I shouldn't say that, I should be more motivating and positive, but being sarcastic is just more much more FUN!). 

Let's disclaimer that we are not associated/affiliated with any of the following companies. We just like their shit. We keep trying to be affiliated with Amazon, but they keep denying us. That's ok, they are still cheap and awesome. 

The pictures next to the description are clickable! They will take you to the appropriate webpage. 

Read on for gift ideas.....



Leggings make for great workout gear. There is a bright and colorful pair, with a unicorn battling a cyborg animal. I am personally loving the emoji leggings, and my all-time favorite is the map of Middle Earth leggings. This one hits home for me, becuase as a cardio hater, I need extreme motivation, and watching those wee little hobbits travel across their land makes me think, "Ok, I can do this!" I like having a reason to be fit, and the Middle Earth leggings help me do that. 

quiverbag_frontview3_forweb burrito_yogabag static1-squarespace

Yoga Mats from Brogamats

I am in love with these mats. I don't even do Yoga, but I will now! However, you can do so much more with mats than just Yoga. In fact, if you are working out in your own home, then a yoga mat, I'm sorry, a Brogamat, it's totally necessary.  There is also stretching, floor/core work, and general hunkering down. If you are looking to go outside, get some nature, then these mats are a great barrier between yourself and the bugs. If you are going a gym, then you can protect yourself against the unwashed miscreants that might have graced that floor before you. (Or protect the next person if you are the unwashed miscreant - power to you). And who doesn't want to walk into a gym with a giant burrito strapped to their back?


Star Wars Measuring Cups from Think Geek

When trying to improve your health, or at least make steps in the right direction, then actually knowing what you put into your body is imperative. After all, knowing is half the battle. Sometimes it is just a pain to sit there and measure your food though, but with these awesome measuring cups, you will always want to know! The R2-D2 set even comes with measuring spoons! I would use any excuse to whip out this bad boy in front of company. (Heh, heh. That's what she said). 

Fit Nerd Gifts Fit Nerd Gifts Fit Nerd Gifts

Back Packs (Gym Bags – whatevs) From Think Geek

Who says you need to have a duffel bag to put all your Geeky crap into? Put it in a backpack! Its easier to carry, you keep your hands free, and it doesn't unnecessarily weigh down one side of your body, which can be really bad for you back! Besides, I know from personal experience, that when you have a big ol' duffel bag, you tend to fill it, then things get lost in there, then you forget about them...things start to get the picture. 

  logo pokemon_go_logoimgres

Apps – Pokemon GO, Zombies RUN, and Geocaching

We love apps. I mean, any excuse to stay buried with my head in a device and not talking to people is good for me! But seriously, Pokemon GO gets a lot of flack, but if you just aren't an idiot, you're good to go. Go out with friends, get some fresh air, catch a Bulbasaur, hatch some eggs. I mean, its good fun. Chances are you won't even realize how long you are out playing.

Zombies, RUN is another on-the-go app that allows you to see if Zombies are near your current location, and you have to escape them, or you will be eaten and die a horrible, painful, death. Sign me up!

Finally, for those of you who spend countless hours treasure hunting in video games (I'm sorry, but Uncharted just isn't that good), then try real life treasure hunting with Geocaching! Geocaching takes real people, hiding real things, hidden in the real world around you, Make sure there are no muggles around when finding treasure though. They must not know! All of these apps are great with friends and family too! 


Book Holders for Cardio Machines

I hate cardio. Loathe it. I have the shortest attention span ever, so I need to have books, movies, music, television, apps/games all at my fingertips in order to get through 20 minutes of cardio. Most cardio equipment in gyms have places to put your tablets and books, but sometimes they don't, So the book holder gives you a place to put your book.

And the book clip allows your pages to stay open, so you can remain hands free as best as you can. It is, however, a little bit of a pain if you are a fast reader, and have to flip pages often. In that case, invest in a kindle/tablet (see below). 

Kindle Fire Tablet (or some other E-Reader)

So TRUE nerds prefer the feel, smell, texture of real books! Sike, who am I to judge a true nerd? It is a self-inflicted title, so own your own type of nerd. I digress,  I love my Kindle, and I love books, but tablets are far more practical at the gym, when it comes to reading (and playing games.) Most tablets will allow you do access Word, google docs, or other writing programs, so that if you have to do writing or some type of work at the gym, you can! Plus, Kindle offers many cheap and free books with Kindle Unlimited for you to delve into. It certainly helps me log hours on the treadmill. 

Fit Nerd Gift Represent
Fit Nerd Gifts Represent

T-Shirts from Represent

We need clothes to work out in, right? is a great place to buy awesome shirts. Represent deals with custom designs that help raise money for specific charities. A lot of celebrities do campaigns with Represent, including Nathan Fillion, Jared Padalecki, Chloe Bennet, Bill Nye, and others. It is seriously the best Fit Nerd Gift, because you get some egear to work out in, and you help a cause. Chloe Bennet's campaign, Fight Like a Girl,  helps finance medical clinics in Dominican Republic and Haiti. Felicia Day's campaign, Embrace your Weird, goes to charities helping anti-bullying charities. The great thing about these campaigns is you can pick the style of shirt, sweatshirt, tank top, etc. We can all use more funky shirts and graphic tee's.  

Fit Nerd Gifts Redbubble Fit Nerd Gifts Redbubble Fit Nerd Gifts Redbubble

T-Shirts (and much more) from RedBubble

Redbubble is another great site that promotes artists and designers. All of the items seen here are custom designs by hard working artists, possibly like yourself. Anyone can put their work on Redbubble. They have more than just T-shirts available as well. In addition, there are cell phone cases, mouse pads, coffee cups, bumper stickers, etc. There are thousands of designs from pretty much any genre of geek/nerd/pop culture available. Do you like crossover designs? You can search Fallout and Firefly and probably find an awesome mix design. The prices tend to be a smidge higher than those of Walmart, but remember, you are supporting real people, with real talent. Original artwork, and they deserve the compensation. Tis the Season! Surprise your favorite Fit Nerd (or yourself) with some awesome work from Redbubble. 

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