countdown to cosplay

countdown to cosplayIt is the time of year for all sorts of conventions and events, especially COMIC-CON! This is the best time of year, because we get to be creative and become our favorite characters, heroes, and role-models, and it’s not even Halloween. So often though, it sneaks up on us. 4 months becomes 2 months, which becomes 2 weeks…and all of a sudden it is upon us. Many of us (at least me) have intentions to “lose a few lbs,” or “build some muscle” for our particular costumes. But then the time is upon us, and we forgot! Now, I am a strength and conditioning coach,  And while aesthetic fitness is always a nice side effect of physical training, I am primarily here to get you stronger, better, and more fit. So where does cosplay fit in?

Cosplay is great. It is a time for all people, all bodies, all genders and ethnicities to come together and celebrate our true selves! Speaking primarily from a health perspective, Comic-Con is a lot of work! It is a workout in itself. These conventions often involve hours upon hours on your feet, walking up and down, lots of stairs, lots of heavy equipment. Not to mention the costumes themselves! Some are huge and bulky, some are sleek and fine. Then there’s the people dodging, the paparazzi, the photographs and the posing. Oh wait, let’s add extreme heat into that equation, becuase Comic-Con San Diego is in JULY.

Comic-Con, and other conventions require some level of strength and fitness, just to be comfortable for a full day, or even FOUR FULL DAYS. Are you prepared for that? For the pure physical stress that is Comic-Conventions?


That is what I am here for! I am here to get you in the best shape, to help you prepare for this craziness. You want to be as comfortable as possible during this fun, but intense time. So I present to you, COUNTDOWN TO COSPLAY, your personalized fitness program, to help you get ready for what you might experience at these conventions. And as a perk, you will likely lose weight and gain some muscle too (based on your goals). Included is personalized and unique exercise program (based on your schedule, your availability, your equipment/gym, and even your costumes, goals and expectations), cardiovascular program, and nutrition counseling. 

Each program run for 4 weeks and costs $99 (the normal cost of 1 to 2 personal training sessions)


Weekly Exercise plan (with constant contact to make changes/progressions as necessary)

Weekly Cardiovascular Program 

Nutritional Counseling/Meal Ideas/Education

Motivation and Support!!

So what are you waiting for? The more time before your convention, the better! So CONTACT ME and we can talk about your personalized program!

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