Are you kind of lazy by nature? Would you rather read, write, play video games then go to the gym? I mean, I love working out, but I am also lazy by nature. So let's start small and come up with some easy health tips for us lazy people! (or busy people, you count too!)

It is the new year. Most people want to get healthy, lose weight, and make these crazy resolutions that are unrealistic. They dive headlong into a life they are not ready for, get motivated then exhausted faster then they can say Quiddich, quit, and end up worse than they started at the beginning of the  year. Step 1 of keeping "resolutions" or as I like to call them, "goals", is to not overload yourself beyond what you are realistically capable of. Know what your true limits are. I am not saying just skate by, but know yourself. If you get anxious in public places, don't dive into a gym membership at a GLOBOGYM. If you absolutely hate running, don't make weight loss goals based on the fact that you will become a world class runner. What do you like? How can you make that work for you? Read on...

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happy new year nerds

Hello Nerdverse,

Here is the obligatory "Happy New Year" post. I want to be a positive poster, and a good influence, but I am not a touchy-feeley person and I really don't fall into the whole new year hype to much. However, I want to provide the best services and information that I can, so I will open up, discuss some things, and hopefully we can all come together and make awesomeness happen.

About me. I am a lazy by nature, but I have a lot of passion build up inside. Passion for health/fitness, passion for the gamer community, passion for books, passion for helping people, passion for having fun, but that little nagging bitch called procrastination and that asshole called laziness tend to take over. Ever heard of them? Chances are you have. I got a wake-up call yesterday from a good friend of mine. Basically he said "Those who DO, do, and those who do
n't, DONT." Simple right? Point is, I am not a doer. I am dreamer. I have awesome ideas and they stay in my head. Next thing you know, 5-10 years has passed, and while I certainly have not wasted my life, I have not acted on any of these ideas. Sound familiar?

It is easier to NOT DO. Its EASY. We like easy, But easy is complacent. I am lucky that I have a good family, lovely child, and full-time job in the fitness/health community. So I DO have things to show. I have my Master's degree, I have competed in fitness competitions, I have modeled. Go me. But behind all of that, there are still dreams of going above and beyond that. That was easy. That was comfortable. It is time to get uncomfortable.

So what does that mean?

Before I get old (I am not getting any younger and neither are you), my promise to you is to become a DOER. (do-er? Dooer-er? Eff it, you get the point). So for this "happy new year" if you are struggling with something you hahappy new year fitnessve wanted to do for a long time, whether it is business, art, fitness, family related. Who cares!? Do it. Become a do-er. Make goals. And don't anyone tell you how to be motivated. Do what works for you (legally, mind you). Set external goals, internal goals, make it a competition, set timelines, race a friend, find someone with something similar and do it together. But stop putting it off.

I will dive into this site, and offer amazing things. I will DO amazing things with NerdCore Performance and I hope you follow along. We can all be better, nerdy, amazing, DOER versions of ourselves! So now, your first task is to tell me in the comments, what do you want for this year? How will you become a DOER? And what do you want from NerdCore Performance? What articles do you want to see? Cosplay, gaming, books, fitness? What are you physical goals and how can I help you get there. Lets get off our lazy asses together and do something! (I say this as I literally spend 5 hours playing Stardew Valley this morning. See? We all have things to overcome!)


Happy New Year

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There aOutdoor Exercisere a number of reasons to suck it up do outdoor exercise, especially if you are one who is stuck indoors a lot due to your job, or to your obsessive gaming habit...cough cough. Here are just a few reasons to go outdoors for your workouts, and ways to help you get started.

If you are a vampire, I apologize, but some facts still remain true for nighttime adventures!

Read on for Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

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minecraft-runOk, so this sounds pretty boring and DUH!, right?

However, it is easier said than done. And I speak from experience.

The first problem is that sitting has become an epidemic. In short (and I will be providing a detailed post about this later), we sit way to much. With the increase in technology, there are so many more people working with computers in a sedentary environment. Now, that’s ok. These people are super smart, technologically advanced, and I sure as hell couldn’t get along without the great technology we have available to us.

HOWEVER…(read for more)


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Have you ever wanted to do everything, be everything, know everything, and been so overwhelmed that you just shut down and play video games all day instead?

Not going to lie, my time management SUCKS

Have you ever put off your goals, not because you don’t have any, but because you have too many? Too many professional goals, too many personal goals, too many family goals, too many improvement goals, and therefor you get nothing done, because you work 10% effort at each goal?

This is where I feel like I have been the last few years. I have no clear path, no set goals. I like so many things (personal training, fitness, competition, strength, functional fitness, nerdy stuff, video game stuff, books, cosplay, music, furniture refurbishing, comics, ) and I have all these great ideas on how to expand on them, and I want to create a brand, but I cant seem to narrow down and focus.

I am going to start with the easy thing: Fitness. I have been an athlete (gymnast/cheerleader) and am very functional. I train Marines and I can do pretty much everything they do, at least for 3 reps. I have competed in figure, and I did pretty well there. But now I am just a jack of all trades, neither really aesthetic, not athletic. I have no defined goals there either….I am not planning on defining goals here, but just outlining what I love. I want to do it all! I am on a journey to be both aesthetic and athletic. Stop the laziness and get my drive back! I have spent the last 2 years yo-yoing in limbo between goals.

But guess what? I am also full-time employed,, with an awesome job with the Marine Corps! I am a mother and my son and raising him right is pretty much top priority. (I’m sorry but we do not need another generation of lazy millennials!) I am a wife and my husband is my best friend, and hes not a huge gym guy! I love doing family things. I need balance.


 I understand that competitions and bodybuilding isn’t about balance. I have nothing but respect for that industry, and I will probably go back one day! I love being on stage! However, bodybuilders are superheros, and they do not get balance. They give 110% to themselves and their sport, and their clients. I am just not able to give 100% of myself right now, when I have other big priorities consuming me. And to be honest, I don’t have the money. Trying to give my son and my family a great life with fun experiences (not toys/things, but experiences), and save for my future. I live in SoCal, cost of living is stupid, so I need to plan wisely.

So how am I going to do this? I have my Masters in Kinesiology, my CSCS, and I have trained many successful people, so its about time I train myself right!

What NOT to do: 

* Obsess over every calorie/carb/fat/protein (have an idea, do not obsess)

* Feel endless guilt and torture if you skip a workout – sometimes the body needs rest

* Feel endless guilt and torture if you skip a workout to hang out with my family and be lazy – We like video games, and everything in moderation right? As long as its not a crazy habit, I will liberate myself from that guilt!

* Do endless long slow cardio for weight loss.

* Obsess over the scale – in fact, don’t even weigh yourself for a bit. LIBERATE!! (blog post about this coming soon)

* Cut all carbs

* Feel guilty if you have a bad meal – Lets face it, I love pizza and Five guys and beer – everything in moderation.

* Endless hip/glute extensions to “build a booty” and endless crunches for those “6-pack abs” – lets make some real goals soon, shall we

* Sign up for a competition as a way to justify your “transformation”

What I WILL do: 

* Track progress with pics, body fat, and fitness assessments (power/speed/agility/endurance/1RM)

* Sign up for physical challenges that push me beyond my comfort zone, give me a date for goals, and promote teamwork and family. (I hate running, but love obstacles, so I am thinking a Tough Mudder or Spartan Race)

*Do something that makes you feel beautiful or worthy (not a competition, but maybe a photoshoot? Something that is YOUR style)

* Do high intensity cardio for health and performance improvement

* Do slower cardio for endurance and heart health

* Mix up your weight training – Olympic lifts, sports training, grip training, gymnastics, FUN.

* Mix up your fitness and involve family- Outdoor training, park, hiking, rock climbing, walking my dog more, stop driving places that I can walk/bike too.

* Focus more on natural nutrition, eat to nourish your body, build muscle, eat carbs to re-energize, fuel your workouts.

* Stop making excuses

* Stretch more

My ultimate outcome goal? Be a physical badass that looks good in a swimsuit year round and dresses up in costumes! 🙂

My professional goals/other personal goals will shortly follow, but first, I need to get back to blogging, rediscover myself, and get social again 😉

As a way to inaugurate this website, I will be hosting a FREE fitness challenge, where I will be posting MY progress, updates, and workouts. Feel free to follow along and lets all get our health back!


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