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Hello Nerdverse,

Here is the obligatory "Happy New Year" post. I want to be a positive poster, and a good influence, but I am not a touchy-feeley person and I really don't fall into the whole new year hype to much. However, I want to provide the best services and information that I can, so I will open up, discuss some things, and hopefully we can all come together and make awesomeness happen.

About me. I am a lazy by nature, but I have a lot of passion build up inside. Passion for health/fitness, passion for the gamer community, passion for books, passion for helping people, passion for having fun, but that little nagging bitch called procrastination and that asshole called laziness tend to take over. Ever heard of them? Chances are you have. I got a wake-up call yesterday from a good friend of mine. Basically he said "Those who DO, do, and those who do
n't, DONT." Simple right? Point is, I am not a doer. I am dreamer. I have awesome ideas and they stay in my head. Next thing you know, 5-10 years has passed, and while I certainly have not wasted my life, I have not acted on any of these ideas. Sound familiar?

It is easier to NOT DO. Its EASY. We like easy, But easy is complacent. I am lucky that I have a good family, lovely child, and full-time job in the fitness/health community. So I DO have things to show. I have my Master's degree, I have competed in fitness competitions, I have modeled. Go me. But behind all of that, there are still dreams of going above and beyond that. That was easy. That was comfortable. It is time to get uncomfortable.

So what does that mean?

Before I get old (I am not getting any younger and neither are you), my promise to you is to become a DOER. (do-er? Dooer-er? Eff it, you get the point). So for this "happy new year" if you are struggling with something you hahappy new year fitnessve wanted to do for a long time, whether it is business, art, fitness, family related. Who cares!? Do it. Become a do-er. Make goals. And don't anyone tell you how to be motivated. Do what works for you (legally, mind you). Set external goals, internal goals, make it a competition, set timelines, race a friend, find someone with something similar and do it together. But stop putting it off.

I will dive into this site, and offer amazing things. I will DO amazing things with NerdCore Performance and I hope you follow along. We can all be better, nerdy, amazing, DOER versions of ourselves! So now, your first task is to tell me in the comments, what do you want for this year? How will you become a DOER? And what do you want from NerdCore Performance? What articles do you want to see? Cosplay, gaming, books, fitness? What are you physical goals and how can I help you get there. Lets get off our lazy asses together and do something! (I say this as I literally spend 5 hours playing Stardew Valley this morning. See? We all have things to overcome!)


Happy New Year

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Are you a fit nerd? Do you aspire to become a fit nerd? Or is there someone in your life you want to be a fit nerd, and get Geeking Strong with? Look no further! Our Fit Nerd Gifts guide has a few items that might help friends looking to become a healthier version of themselves.

From cooking gear, to apps, to apparel, here are some things we here at NerdCore Performance adore. They help motivate us to make a few better choices (even though, it sometimes sucks). Buy some for yourself, a friend/companion/familiar/partner in crime, and make them suffer with you! (I shouldn't say that, I should be more motivating and positive, but being sarcastic is just more much more FUN!). 

Let's disclaimer that we are not associated/affiliated with any of the following companies. We just like their shit. We keep trying to be affiliated with Amazon, but they keep denying us. That's ok, they are still cheap and awesome. 

The pictures next to the description are clickable! They will take you to the appropriate webpage. 

Read on for gift ideas.....

Read More

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Sexy Nerds for Everyone! Part 1

Here is a list of a few sexy nerds that we have developed obsessive geektastic crushes on over the years, with no regards to gender or sexual orientation. Just nerdy hotness. (OK, more than crushes. Like, wouldn't kick them out of bed status). Come on, even those who scoff in name of pop culture can appreciate the physical beauty of these specimens. So whenever you need some motivation to get up and move, just think about these fit nerds! 

This is an OLD post, that I created years ago on my old page, Nerdgasm Fitness. In an effort to be slightly more family friendly (who am I kidding?) I decided to change the name to something more hardcore....eh, Nerdcore (see what I did there?) Anywho, I am re-posting this old post with a couple of new addendum. Part 2 will be coming soon!

These are in NO particular order, because who can choose? Disclaimer: This list is by no means all inclusive, and I will be working on follow ups and new lists, themed lists and the like. Feel free to post in the comments who your favorite hot nerds are!


Nathan Fillion

Character: Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Castle

Why? Because Firefly, that's why. And that should be enough! Plus Richard Castle was just fun. 

Sexy Nerd Captain Malcolm Reynolds

Sexy Nerd LeeLoo Dallas

Mila Jovovich

Character: LeeLoo Dallas (Mulitpass)


Why? Because she can eat a whole chicken-pill-meal in one sitting and she has a cool accent when shes said GOOD CHICKEN! And well...no one wears tape quite like her. 

Jensen Ackles

Character: Dean Winchester

Why? Because his "brotherly" love for his brother is so cute. Plus, the one liners with the super serious attitude is great. And who doesn't love "Yellow Fever" in which he air guitars to Eye of the Tiger  oh so well?

Sexy Nerd Dean Winchester

Sexy Nerd Felicia Day

Felicia Day

Character: She is a character all of her own. But Cyd Sherman specifically from The Guild

Why? She is the epitome of hot nerd. She plays World of Warcraft, she has a web-series about playing World of Warcraft, she has a website/online community called Geek and Sundry, and she is friends with NPH....I mean, goals, right? 

Bruce Willis

Character: Corbin Dallas (among so many others...)

Why? Because he still rocks the McClain with ABsolute perfection, even while playing a SyFy Space Dude. His nonchalant attitude is pretty cool too. 

Sexy Nerd Korben Dallas
Sexy Nerd Korben Dallas

Sexy Nerd Buffy

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Character: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Why? Because she is a bad-ass supernatural kicking female with awesome one liners! Plus she has hot boyfriends. And her best friend is a lesbian, who before she knew, dated a hot werewolf (see below). 

NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) – but he is cool enough that the acronym is good enough

Character: Barney Stinson, or Doogie Howser)

Why? Because he was like an 8 year old doctor! And he has a sing-along blog (with Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day, 2 other notable nerds who made the list!) And he is the best gay womanizer EVER!

Sexy Nerd NPH

Sexy Nerd Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

Character: Solara, Jupiter

Why? Because she was a bad ass chick in Book of Eli and Jupiter Ascending, and has interesting character names. And Black Swan? Who didn't picture themselves in a Mila/Natalie sandwich? But really, Book of Eli sold me. (don't get me started on That 70's Show...her character was just annoying). Honorable mentions go out to Meg from Family Guy though!

Seth Green

Character:  Daniel Osbourne- AKA OZ (The Hot Werewolf!) - among many others

Why? Because of Robot Chicken, without a paddle, etc. He is just witty and funny, and he is the ONLY time I like werewolves (take that Team Jacob).

Sexy Nerd Seth Green

Sexy Nerd Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer

Character: Kurt Hummel

Why? Because I just want to put him in my pocket and keep him there forever. That is where he belongs. I admit, I had a huge thing for Glee..

Daniel Radcliffe

Character:  Harry Potter

Why? Because a man that is sexually secure enough to play Harry Potter for his whole life PLUS shake his junk on stage (Equus) NEEDS to be included!

Sexy Nerd Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe

Sexy Nerd Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku

Character: Echo

Why? Because Joss Whedon is a genius and has three TV shows already featured on this list. Not only is she ANOTHER slayer, but she is also Echo, of the Dollhouse, who can be anything she is programmed to be, and that is one sexy badass chick.

Elijah Wood

Character:  Frodo Baggins

Why? Because he was noticed in The Good Son, and has awesome eyes. And he is Frodo, and admirable....and those eyes! 

Sexy Nerd Elijah Woods

Sexy Nerd Dean Cain

Dean Cain

Character: Clark Kent (Superman)

Why? Because he is that perfect combination of sensitive and super hero (I guess that's the point?).  This Superman was my generation and I loved him and Terri Hatcher together. 

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Please write in the comments your favorite sexy nerds (remember, sexy is subjective, and everyone's version of sexy is different, and everyone's version of sexy is right! We have no judgement on sexy here! If we get enough comments, I will dedicate a whole post to everyone's favorite sexy nerds!

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