Sometimes, you just don't want to go to the gym. Whether you want to avoid people in general (don't we all?), or are not feeling like putting yourself on display (zoo much?), or you don't want to get dressed in "socially appropriate gym-wear" (work t naked! We don't judge!), then here are some necessary at-home equipment for you do design awesome workouts and routines, in the comfort of your own home! And no, we are not made of money (that would be really weird, especially when you go to the bathroom, the paper and dripping....I digress) so I try to stay as cheap as possible, and so should you! Health does not have to be expensive.

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Loop Bands $7-$15

Loop bands are probably one of the best, most functional lower body pieces of equipment you can own, at a very reasonable price. These are great for glute activation, strengthening your hips, lower back, and core, and helping develop the right muscles to prevent injury. You can loop them around your ankles, shins, or above your knees, and use them during squatting, hip extension, quadruped, and planking exercises. If you are accustomed to body weight exercise, and are looking to further develop your legs and glutes, then loop bands are great. If you are not accustomed to exericse, then loop bands can help develop hip/glute/core muscles to help keep you balanced, stable, and help with pain. 

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For a more expensive brand, but one that is used widely in the fitness industry, and by advanced exercisers, try BOA bands HERE



Resistance Bands $15-$25

Resistance bands are amazing becuase you can control the resistance, are extremely portable, and great for all levels of fitness. You can incorporate pushing, pulling, upper body, lower body, and core work into a workout simply using a resistance band. You can even work with a partner (that you trust) to act as an anchor. Or if you have someone you don't like, and you are stabilizing the band, you can "accidently" let go of the band while they are using it. Noooo...don't do that. Really. They are great for traveling too, so you have no excuses! 

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Jump Rope $5-$15

You can get a great cardiovascular workout with a jump rope. More for immediate users, becuase the jump rope does involve jumping, which impacts the ankles, knees and hips. While impact exercise is great for increasing bone density and muscle mass, make sure you have progressed properly and have some baseline strength before starting jumping rope, just to save your joints a bit. And make sure pets/children are not in the near vicinity, because getting smacking someone in the face with a jump rope (while obviously hilarious) is probably not something you want to do to your loved ones. 

Get yours here!



Stability Ball $15-$30

There is soooo much conflicting science on whether stability balls, BOSUs, and other core balance trainers, actually activate the abs is my expert opinion on it...Who cares? It feels better than crunching on the ground, it gets more muscle groups (legs, hamstrings, back) involved than just doing floor crunches, and you can do A TON with a stability ball. Entire workouts revolve around this rotund little beast, not just ab exercises. Plus its fun to sit and bounce on, and the kids love it! Entertainment for the whole family!

Get yours here!

Pull Up Bar/ Multifunctional $15-$30

Some of you may be thinking, 'Pull ups? Are you insane?" and the answer is, YES, but that is beside the point. It is always good to have goals! But, this type of Pull-Up bar is super easy to set up and take down, and you can also use it for crunches and dips. It also makes a great high anchor for suspension trainers and resistance bands. Plus, you can do other things besides pull ups on a bar. Straight hanging is great for your grip (next American Ninja Warrior?), and there are plenty of exercises on a bar that will help progress towards pull-ups, like reverse shrugs, negatives, leg lifts, and flexed arm hang. (more coming about this!). 

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TRX Suspension Trainer $179-$250

Ok, so this one is not cheap, but it is seriously one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can buy! Great for advanced athletes, beginning exercisers, or even those coming off surgery and needing stabilization exercises. If you are serious about improving your health and quality of life from the comfort of your own home, than the TRX is essential. There are similar off-brands that offer similar benefits, and normally I am all about buying the cheaper product, but in this case, the TRX is one of the more superior products. 

Get yours here!

These are just a few things to get you started with at-home fitness. Here at NerdCore Performance, we will start printing workouts you can do at home, and many will involve equipment similar to these, so stock up while you can! (Maybe take advantage of Black Friday sales? If you are into that...). Keep checking back, or subscribe for FREE updates, because I will post workouts for all levels you can do with one or all of this equipment. Have fun and remember to be Geeking Strong!

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  1. This looks great!! My trouble spots are my butt, gut and thighs! I also without question need something to strengthen my back!! Thanks for this post. Mine are on the way!!

    1. Thanks for the great comment! I am working on so many posts right now, including a stretching routine you can do at home or in the office, crunch less core exercises, and glute exercises to combat prolonged sitting and reduce injury. 🙂

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