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NerdCore Performance is a way of life. It is a way of combining the love of nerd/geek culture, books, movies, comics, television with healthy living. The goal of NerdCore is to promote health and wellness while allowing you to divulge in your own nerdy lifestyle. Who says you can't have both?

Society today places too much emphasis on bigger butts, sculpted abs, fitness competitions, unrealistic image expectations, and looks/aesthetics/weight/body image....

What happened to being healthy, and feeling good? What happened to self-improvement? Why do we all strive to look like societies version of perfect? After all, we are gamers, book nerds, comic books freaks, tekkies, and a whole slew of other nerdy crap. Lets be the best versions of OURSELVES and throw away society's expectations!



What to Expect

NerdCore is a a glorified blog combining fitness, health, wellness with all things nerdy. We will provide various workouts, health information, recipes, and fitness facts that are applicable and relevant to the hardworking nerd. Future plans include E-books, Twitch feeds, YouTube channel, bootcamps, and maybe even a facility in which all the introverted nerds like myself can get together and awkwardly avoid eye contact with each other while become fit nerds! This will of course all happen once I get off my procrastinating butt and stop playing WoW for 5 minutes to provide you with some EPIC content! Feel free to subscribe for updates, and contact me for ideas which you would love to see more about!